show – and – tell

the lovely james at bleubird vintage is doing a show and tell blog project, doing little blurbs submitted from her readers. i’m one of the lucky ones to be featured in her very first one – please go check it out. i love reading her blog and if you love vintage things, crafts and other pretty sorts of things – this blog is also for you 🙂



i NEED this

i have an affinity towards bees. this bento speaks to me and is my favorite thing i’ve seen this month probably. oh my god, soooo adorable.

cute bento

food i have made this week

stir fry with: green and orange bell peppers, snow peapods, shrimp and chopped scallops – tiny bit of oil, garlic and soy sauce (and noodles)

lasagna with: wheat noodles, pesto, spinach, two layers of marinara, mozzarella, some kind of fancy parm and ricotta mixed with oregano, basil and fresh ground black pepper

curry butternut squash soup – i cubed and roasted the squash before putting into the soup, tossing the squash in a little bit of olive oil and curry powder. SO TASTY. next time i’m just going to roast it a bit longer so the edges get crispy and just munch on the squash bites!


pot roast with carrots, celery and garlic mashed potatoes

pho with meatballs, brisket and thinly sliced beef

fall makes me want to stay in the kitchen all day long!