i am 26 TODAY.

i don’t feel any different, but maybe because 26 knows i don’t really like even numbers. so far, 26 has brought on me being the proud owner of two little fishies – gil and sushi. i will post photos soon.

spa, dinner, and cupcakes are on the agenda for today.

new york on saturday, which is my real birthday present – a birthdaycation, if you will.



i was walking from one spot to another just a few moments ago and all of a sudden breathed in, clear and strong, the scent of the incense my parents use at home on my grandparents’ altars. it has always been just the one kind of incense since i was little until now even. it is the same incense used in buddhist temples.

i inhaled and felt giddy and at home. i felt warm and safe on the inside. and then like that, the scent was gone.

strange stuff, guys.