architecture inspiration

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i adore the state theatre. the interior is so beautiful that it immediately makes any show i have seen there doubly enjoyable. built in the 1920’s, this building is a perfect example of the “roaring 20’s” architecture style. the original stage floor was made of glass and lit from below – i can’t even imagine who dreamy that would have looked. from 1921 – 1978, it served primarily has a movie house. then, oddly enough, in 1978, it was bought by the Jesus People Church and became a house of worship. the Jesus People covered up the murals and sculptures. in 1989 the state was bought back by the city of minneapolis and went through a 2 year renovation, re-opening as the lovely theatre it is today. if you have a chance, go see a show there.

i was reminded of this amazing place on saturday, for it was the location of Aziz Ansari’s stand up show in minneapolis. if you have never seen him do stand up, i also highly recommend it.

check out my favorite bit: Aziz Ansari’s 50 Cent grapefruit story


art inspiration: thomas nozkowski




a couple weeks ago, while in new york for a long weekend, a friend suggested we check out Pace Gallery and take a peek at the Thomas Nozkowski show.  I was completely delighted by these lyrical, abstract paintings. the color, the shapes, the movement – sometimes bold, sometimes soft. a little bit whimsical. it made me anxious for the brightness of summer to arrive.  even my husband, who is normally bored to tears by this style of painting, enjoyed these paintings.  if you are in the new york area, his show is up until March 23.

*Thomas Nozkowski at Pace Gallery

sneak peek

working on some lino cuts and making some test prints. gave myself a deadline of adding items back into my etsy shop in 2 weeks! things are coming together nicely 🙂