for kate

eventually i will do a full blog post on my trip to NC (where for about 5 minutes i attempted to keep up with a blog every day…)

but in the meantime, this is for kate! because i know you’ll get a kick out of it 🙂



scott and I are hanging out, listening to lucero and watching the travel channel.

this is one of the important things in my life.

5 favorite things friday (on saturday)

1. cupcakes. they are truly my weakness. even more than ice cream. i can never say no to a (good) cupcake.

2. frida kahlo. such an amazing lady. i am sad i didn’t pay attention and missed a show of photographs of her at the weinstein gallery. boo on me.

3. polaroids. SO happy the film is being brought back. i love that polaroids make photography into a tangible object. i’m out and wish i could get more without breaking the bank!

4. this bed. this bed is the perfect bed to wake up in. found at

5. oversized cardigans. i got one this fall and cannot stop wearing it. it’s far too comfortable to ever take off. mine is a dark purple color.

7 days

only 1 week until my (brief) reunion with one of my bffs, scott! we will have so much fun (with his lady, kristin, too). ahhhh so excited.

here we are at the metro in chicago for a lucero show. we were killing time during the openers (who were a bit too boring to stand through) doing shots at the smart bar. i chose this picture because we will also be roadtripping to see lucero in north carolina. yessssssss.

vintage paydirt

last friday, on a whim, i wanted to go into everyday people (the uptown location). i found this great cocktail ring and while i was standing at the counter about to pay for it, i spotted a ridiculously adorable purse displayed on the back counter. when i asked to see it, the clerk grabbed the bag and a MATCHING PAIR OF SHOES. how could i say no to that?

the handbag and my new gigantic and favorite ring

the shoes, oh the shoes!

close-up of the heels

goodnight! happy monday!

ebay score

for someone who bakes as much as i do, you would be surprised to discover how many baking tools i lack. i don’t even have a rolling pin. when i rolled out gingerbread cookie dough a couple weeks ago i used a floured POM glass. anyway, i decided to finally get a sifter and was looking on ebay for nice vintage ones and found this adorable pair. so not only do i have a sifter now, i also have acquired a nut chopper. the rolling pin is next on the list, i swear.

5 favorite things friday

1. vintage book covers, particularly vintage vonnegut covers. last year i saw this at half-price books for $800. i just about died from the longing for it. SIGH.

2. happy anniversary sesame street. rowlf is a favorite of mine and he and jon denver singing “have yourself a merry little christmas” is one of the best things ever.

3. these dinosaurs. and this story. truly lovely. look it up if you don’t know it. a lovely love story by edward monkton.

4. this dress. in the words of rachel zoe – I DIE. someday i will have this dress.

5. and lastly, these little guys. yellow lab puppies. i call them pineapples!


i thought we could all celebrate thursday with a bee puppy! thursdays are good days because of yummy homemade lunches, quality coffee time with favorite friends, cooking new things and having them turn out and planning exciting things that involve sunshine.

roald dahl

last winter i ventured into the world of roald dahl’s adult writings and they are really wonderful. a bit creepy, very dark and extremely clever. i recommend checking out his collection of shorts titled “switch bitch.” so great.

here is a snapshot of his writing shack taken from the guardian’s writer’s room series.