breakfast remix

(black beans, scrambled egg+cholula, whole wheat toast+peanut butter)

i’m sure you’ve all seen “breakfast remix” photos floating around in blogland. i love looking at them but had yet to do any of my own – so here we go. this is my favorite go to breakfast. eggs + hot sauce = best combo ever.


homemade pizza roll party

several weeks ago, i saw this post on the kitchn, showed it to dave and of course, we had to do it. what’s better than pizza? homemade pizza (rolls)!

first section of dough divided, with filling – waiting to be formed. and a blurry puppy in the corner scavenging for fallen food.

dave forming pockets.

ready for the oven! we also made whole wheat dough for a second batch – they are not pictured.

warm cheesy delicousness!

one of my faves: pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting

my friend keane’s birthday was last week and to celebrate the occasion, i made one of my favorite cupcake recipes – smitten kitchen’s pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting. i made regular sized cupcakes to bring to the party, but used little souffle cups to make mini ones to keep at home for myself. so yummy AND cute!

you can find the recipe here. apparently there is a canned pumpkin shortage going on, but i found it at super target and later saw big cans of it at cub foods as well. the only change i made was halving the frosting recipe – which trust me, unless you’re addicted to frosting, is more than plenty.

pretty cute, yeah?

comfort food: baked macaroni & cheese

with the fall weather upon us, i’m getting pretty excited to start making/eating soup/stews and using the crock pot and oven on a regular basis for slow-cooking and roasting. last week i had a super craving for baked macaroni and cheese (one of mine and dave’s favorite things), but am trying to count calories right now, so found a lighter recipe from my favorite low-fat food blog, skinnytaste – seriously, her food is SO great – and adapted it a little bit for my liking. dave, however, ate one serving and said he liked it fine, but prefers my usual recipe, which is made with heavy cream and twice as much cheese (go figure), so someday i’ll post that too.

BAKED MACARONI & CHEESE (adapted from skinny taste)
1 box whole wheat/high fiber rotini – i couldn’t find ww elbows
2 tbsp smart balance
1/4 cup flour
1/8 cup minced onion
2 cups skim milk
1 cup fat free chicken broth
2 cups 2% reduced fat mild cheddar – i used market pantry brand
salt and pepper
2 tbsp red pepper flakes
2-3 bay leaves
4 cups spinach, sliced into ribbons
1/8 cup grated parmesan
1/4 cup seasoned whole wheat bread crumbs
Pam butter flavored spray

cook whole box of pasta in salted water according to package directions.
spray a baking dish with buttered flavor Pam.
preheat oven to 375°.

in a large skillet, melt butter. add flour and cook over low heat stirring with a whisk.
add onion and cook another 2 minutes – it’ll start to smell really good.
add milk and chicken broth and continue whisking for 2-3 minutes, until smooth and thick.
add red pepper flakes and bay leaves and let milk mixture simmer on low for a couple minutes, until it starts to bubble very gently.
season with salt and pepper. remove from heat, add cheese and mix well until cheese is melted.
remove bay leaves.
add cooked macaroni and baby spinach. pour into baking dish. top with grated cheese and breadcrumbs. spray a little more buttered flavor Pam on top.

bake for 15-20 minutes, then broil for 2 minutes to get the breadcrumbs golden.

favorite thing i’ve seen this week

yesterday poppytalk posted photos of douglas coupland’s wonderful 2nd home and it inspired my friend and i to talk about authors’ homes that we are in love with – which lead to my searching for photos of edward gorey’s home. and i found this. and it’s amazing. so may i present – edward gorey and his cats. and a lot of books ❤
p.s. sorry for the brief random posts the last few days. i’ve been a bit of a busy bee!

saying farewell to summer: nectarine cobbler

last week i had a craving for a fruity dessert that was not pie and after looking at various cooking blogs – nectarine cobbler seemed to be the one that would hit the spot. and wow, this recipe is SO great. i want to make it for every dinner party dessert for the next 6 months pretty much.

i followed this recipe exactly – except i did not make the cream and ate it with ice cream – YUMMY.

a chair dipped in gold

after work today, i hiked it out to eden prairie to pick up this adorable chair. it’s a tiny bit tall for the desk, but i love that it has wheels so i’ll just deal with it for now. the gold and white is so lovely. ❤ thank you, craigslist.

also pictured: an apple clipboard that i could not say no to and my first letter that arrived from the pen pal project!

happy saturday – it’s such a gorgeous day!


i’m reading this book right now. it’s a bit of a junk food book but it’s totally riveting and good in the way that only junk food books can be. a quote that resonates with me:

“Love only the people who deserve you”

cozy happy stuff

a typical day this week has been: get home from work, run an errand or two, put on pajamas and make dinner. post dinner there as been relaxing time and dessert. tonight i am going to start a new book. HAPPY AND PLEASED SIGHS.

me and the mister – and my new slippers! i’m getting all prepared to bunker down for the winter 🙂