he’s about 10 weeks old and is a yellow lab mix. no one knows what he’s mixed with, but he has adorable freckled paws and a freckly nose because of it 🙂 we brought him home on tuesday and i’ve already fallen head over heels for this silly little guy.


pop of color

loved these bright bright bright and fun chairs found at the seattle art museum’s sculpture garden.

signs of spring

i planted lettuce seeds only last tuesday and by saturday they had already poked through the soil and this is what they looked like this morning!

i also discovered this lone early bloomer in the spinach pot. the little spinach that could.

french macaroons (macarons)

salted caramel macaroons are probably one of my favorite cookies. i love the chewy and lightness of the cookies. with caramel and sea salt. YUM.

i used a recipe for chocolate macarons, but just left out the cocoa because i did not want chocolate cookies. i also researched other macaron recipes and kind of combined techniques/tips. this seemed to work well. all the cookies tasted good and about half looked pretty 🙂

FRENCH MACARONS (originally found here)
1 cup powdered sugar
½ cup ground almonds
2 large egg whites, at room temperature (microwaving for 10 secs make them just the right temp)
5 tablespoons granulated sugar

grind powdered sugar and almonds together – set aside
whip egg whites until they hold soft peaks
while whipping on low speed, add granulated sugar one T at a time, until blended
whip mixture on high until it holds stiff peaks
fold in almond and sugar mixture until combined, pour into a zip-loc bag and snip off corner

line cookie sheets with parchment paper and pipe batter onto the paper – a little bigger than hershey kiss size

let batter sit for 20 minutes while pre-heating oven to 300
then bake for 15 minutes – let cool on parchment

make and add any filling you wish – sandwich cookies – eat cookies!

march wrap-up

ahhhh i’m so behind with posting recipes. i also haven’t been happy with the way my food photos have been turning out. baked goods are so much easier to photograph for some reason. or i’m just being picky. it’s probably more the latter. however, there are 2 food recipes i made in march that i particularly liked so i’ll just link to the recipe and then list the changes i made.

*although the recipes linked are from a weight watchers blog, i am not a weight watcher, with the point counting and all that. so if you are and are strict about your points, you probably should not pay attention to my changes/additions. i keep using recipes from this blog, though, because everything i’ve made from it is great*

– i love lasagna, so i jumped at the chance for lasagna variation. the easy single servings already made up are great and super easy to divide up to take for lunches. i have always been full with a salad, one roll and a small-ish hunk of baguette.

changes: i used vodka sauce instead of regular tomato. i also used it more generously than the recipe calls for because i love having extra sauce for bread dipping. i had fresh spinach on hand so didn’t bother to get frozen. i sprinkled some italian spices over the rolls before adding the mozzarella AND in half of them, i added turkey pepperoni’s to the rolls. YUM

-holy cow, this pork was AMAZING. looking at the recipe, i realized i actually didn’t change a single thing. so follow this recipe and you will have the most delicious pulled pork ever. the only thing i will do differently next time is add more chipotle peppers – i used 3 and wanted even more heat once i was eating the pork. i used the meat in three different ways (all with fresh avocado slices on top): with a corn tortilla like a taco (you don’t even need salsa or anything – the meat is so flavorful and full of juices), over a bed of quinoa and over a bed of cilantro lime rice (like from chipotle). we ate it for an entire week and didn’t get sick of it at all.


fool – christopher moore: i have one word for this book – MEH. this book could have been great. it’s about life in king lear’s castle as told from the viewpoint of the royal court jester. however, i think it pretty much flopped. unlike a fine wine, i do not think christopher moore’s career is getting better with age. my two favorite books by him are some of his earlier books. if you are going to check him out, i highly recommend Lamb and Fluke (or I Know Why the Wing Whale Sings). those are fantastic.

city of thieves – david benioff: this was one of the books for books and bars this month. i had never heard of the book or the author and ended up pleasantly surprised. i really enjoyed city of thieves. it’s historical fiction and the story takes place during WWII in leningrad while the germans are trying to starve the russians to death and run them out of their city. this was particularly interesting to me because i didn’t know very much about the siege on leningrad so reading this book lead to me reading up more on that part of the war. the two main characters (both russian) are sent to prison for various reason, but instead of being executed the colonel sends them on a mission – to find a dozen eggs for his daughter’s wedding cake. they have a week to do or else they will be executed. and then the rest of the book details their harrowing journey. i would recommend this book. random fun facts: david benioff wrote the movie the 25th hour and is married to amanda peet.

here is my special birthday cupcake i got. it’s from sweets bakeshop. it’s a banana split cupcake (banana cake with caramel and chocolate in the center. pineapple buttercream, strawberry buttercream, a dark chocolate drizzle with a cherry on top – whew!)

coming up: photos of my recent thrifting treasures, the scarf i finally finished in february (?), and other craft/house related things.