happy valentine’s friends!


wishing you all a happy valentine’s day! while the mister and i don’t go out to eat or anything (it’s kind of amateur hour when you’re restaurant nuts like us), we do have a few fun things planned for today and this weekend. and a long weekend to boot! as you can maybe tell from the photo above, i made homemade sprinkles to celebrate this day of hearts and it’s possible i went a little overboard. but it was SO fun.


i got cute little jars and sent them out for “Galentine’s” Day – super cute and fun! i would definitely make my own sprinkles again. it’s a bit tedious but i popped in a movie and was done before i knew it. they are made from royal icing and whenever i need to make royal icing, i look up new royal icing recipes and this time, i ultimately decided to go with a meringue powder version because i didn’t want to have to figure out what to do with the leftover egg yolks.

Royal Icing
2 T meringue powder
2-4 c powdered sugar
1/4 c water (+1-2 T depending on consistency)
1/2 t vanilla (optional, for flavor)
food coloring
*blend everything together and pipe onto parchment. let dry overnight


and a bonus – i would never leave out holiday treats for our four-legged friends. my dog flipped out for these pumpkin peanut butter biscuits. like, really flipped out. they’re simple to make and so much more inexpensive than buying organic dog treats. check out the recipe here from My Baking Addiction.

that’s all, folks! happy heart friday!


internet faves


(my dog excels at yoga)

happy friday everyone! here are some recent and not so recent things i’ve seen around the internet that are currently my favorite links.

1. in honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday – here is the all-time BEST recipe “irish car bomb” cupcakes from one of my favorite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen.

2. Food pairings as Pantone chips! Such a clever (and delicious) take on color theory. Bonus, the designer is a Minneapolite.

3. I gave up on watching Saturday Night Live sometime in the early 2000’s. Which means that I completely missed out on this amazing skit from an episode in 2008. A parody that includes Paul Rudd, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. No lie – somehow becoming friends with Paul Rudd is on my bucket list.

4. Love uni? Read this interview with some california sea urchin divers. The divers share some incredible experiences.

5. This Saturday is mine and the mister’s 6 month-aversary! To celebrate our first 6 months as a (mostly) blissfully wedded couple – here is some marriage advice. and it’s not your mama’s advice.

why i love my puppy today

(sandstone june 2010)

*every morning when i come down from the bedroom after waking up, he gallops up to me from the living room and presses himself against my legs to be pet.
*when he’s tired, he goes into his crate and puts himself to bed.
*if i lay on my side on the living room rug and call him over, he’ll come curl himself into a ball against my tummy
*he hurdles back and forth over my leg when i’m resting it on the ottoman.
*he touches mine and dave’s face with his paw as a gesture of affection when we are playing with him
*when you ask for a high-five, he will sometimes get extra excited and high-five your hand with both paws
*he makes me extra nervous for when i have kids, because if i can love a little puppy this much, it’s going to be terrifying when it’s my own kid.

april books

the master and margarita – mikhail bulgakov: this was an absurd story about the devil showing up with his posse tied together with the story of pontius pilate. if you’ve ever read any russian literature, the best description i can give this book is that it is VERY russian. EXTREMELY russian. i didn’t much care for it, but then again, i don’t like many russian novels. i like a few though, however, i can’t think of anyone i would recommend this too.

big machine – victor lavalle: i was also unsure about this book when i first started reading it. the protagonist is entirely hateable and i did not think there was a very good flow to the story. however, once the background began filling in and more details were given on the characters backgrounds and the ties between the story lines were revealed, i began enjoying the book much more. the book is about a curious group of former cons/criminals who are recruited to be ghost hunters (of sorts). and there are swamp angels. and a former heroin addict becoming “the chosen.” there were some corny parts that i rolled my eyes at, but over all i thought this book was all right.

in other news, this puppy has totally consumed my life. i’ve still been cooking a bunch but haven’t taken the time to photograph anything to post – i’ve just been so tired! i probably wont’ be baking anything for awhile because i am earnestly trying to lose weight. and i have been meaning to post my great garage sale and thrift store finds, but lately whenever i’ve sat down to do so, a nap has won. i am REALLY going to try to photograph things tomorrow.



he’s about 10 weeks old and is a yellow lab mix. no one knows what he’s mixed with, but he has adorable freckled paws and a freckly nose because of it 🙂 we brought him home on tuesday and i’ve already fallen head over heels for this silly little guy.