black raspberry & rhubarb scones

while the mister and i love fruits and vegetables, we have never been able to keep up with a weekly CSA share. it’s a lot of commitment and a lot of pressure – especially when you get a box that has a lot of produce you don’t particularly love. in comes Belle Creek Gardens – co-owned by a dear friend of ours, their box program is the perfect answer for people like us who don’t love all produce equally. the contents of each weekly box is listed by friday and if you want to order a box, it’s only $20. when you place your order, you get 3 options for box pick-up locations. we love being able to flush out our weekly grocery/co-op/farmer’s market shopping with Belle Creek Gardens.

last week’s box included rhubarb AND beautiful black raspberries. while i could have easily eaten them whole and raw, i have been wanting to make scones for awhile – so there you have it. i love the color the black raspberries added and the whole wheat flour gave my scones a gorgeous rustic look. and in true scone fashion, i love how gently sweet these treats are. perfect with your morning coffee or an afternoon pick me up.

scones1scones2scones3check out the recipe HERE