summer is winding down FAST here in Mpls. and so, i’m going to take a blogging break. lots of books to be read, fun things to do, people to see, things on stick to eat, bike rides to be had. hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer! i will leave you with this lovely and dreamy photo by diane arbus.



salad of the week

whole wheat rotini, green bell peppers, green beans, cucumbers (we have been inundated with cucumbers from our CSA – i’ve been eating them non-stop for weeks now) & pepper jack cheese. mix with a big dollop of pesto and balsamic vinaigrette (to taste) – and voila! lunch for the week.

off to the cabin tonight for a long weekend. can’t wait to lay around with some books, play cards & croquet, have fires and go swimming with the puppy 🙂 be back next week!

happy things monday

this week’s monday happy things is going to be in list form. i’m in the mood for a different format.

1. we are going to the cabin thursday night through sunday and i am SO looking forward to it. reading in the sun, swimming in the lake, croquet and cards. yes, please!

2. pineapple (the puppy) and i have special puppy and puppy mama time on mondays and it starts off with us napping together for a couple hours in the morning. love love love.

3. tony came over with his dog, stella, today for an impromptu puppy date. they didn’t like each other at first (she’s an alpha female and older) but after a rough start, their tales were wagging and they played chase for a little bit. and now pineapple has a total crush on stella.

4. sitting around with friends and family with our feet in a kiddie pool to beat the intense heat and humidity. for hours.

5. i’m currently re-reading microserfs by douglas coupland (ahhh i just realized i haven’t done a june or july books post) and want to read these words over and over again “you’re a thousand diamonds —– a handful of lovers’ rings —– chalk for a million hopscotch games.”

happy monday kids!

salad of the week

a month or two ago i bought this nifty salad/lunch container for $1.50 (2 of them, actually). they were put in the tupperware cabinet, got pushed to the back and were promptly forgotten about. until recently – with this crazy heat and humidity carrying on, i’ve pretty much only wanted to eat cold things for my work lunches – hence, this week’s salad of the week. i’m on day 5 of it and am not one bit bored with it yet.

spring mix with added greens from last week’s CSA box, sliced cucumbers, feta w/herbs, dried cranberries and sliced up turkey! the perfect balance of savory and sweet. also, the feta is so flavorful that i didn’t need dressing or vinaigrette at all.

happy saturday, kids. looks like it’s going to be nice and hot for our bbq tomorrow…

happy friday!

this made me smile today so i wanted to share it with you all. we’re having dinner at Restaurant Alma tonight – which i am very excited for. we’ve never been but have heard amazing things! and then probably a nice night in (i have to work tomorrow) with my 2 favorite boys. happy happy weekend all 🙂

from redshoes26design – i didn’t even realize she was local right away, but how neat.

happy things monday

can you believe it’s august already? summer always goes by too fast, but this summer really has just disappeared! oh well – fall is next and that is definitely my favorite time of year in the midwest. here are my happy monday things this week:

one of my bffs, scott, being in town and us having fantastical adventures. here we are looking remarkably un-hungover because we found a magical fresh fruit juice/smoothie cart to revive us.

! it has been hot hot hot and HUMID again recently and these things have been one of the main things keeping me cool. thank you, popsicles, the lime ones are my favorite.

(photo by leslie plesser)
i know i already posted about it – but LUCERO. i’m still all moony eyed over the shows last weekend. scott and i plan to make a trip to memphis some time next year to see them in their hometown. and drive to dollywood!

i received my first postcard through postcrossing today. i can’t wait to get more. if you love snail mail, i highly suggest checking this out. and it’s not too much of a commitment so it’s easy to be able to participate.

i had lunch at cosetta today. hands down one of the most simply delicious italian places ever. and so cheap for so much food. i had the sausage pizza today but normally get the mostaccioli – if you haven’t been there, get both 🙂

a glass of water, some whiskey and smoke in your hair…

2 lucero shows in one weekend and i still want more. i don’t know what it is – these songs just make my heart race and i love them more and more every time i hear them. smokey voice + pedal steel = makes me want to die in the best way.

p.s. thanks for the silly drunken talk in madison. and for promising to play “if only you were lonely” for me (and of course, then remembering to play it).