salvation army love

we’re having a bbq party next weekend that i want more serving ware for. this whole lot cost me a whopping $2.11! i plan to start keeping an eye out for more milk glass kitchen items – which means i need to find more creative storing solutions for the kitchen 🙂

one of my bff’s and i are hitting the road soon for a Lucero show in madison tonight. and randomly enough, i ended up winning tickets to their MN show tomorrow night (which we weren’t going to because it’s at the zoo and expensive). so happy friday and happy double Lucero weekend for me!


happy mail!

i wanted to share the happy mail package i received from kathryn – THANK YOU SO MUCH KATHRYN! it’s such a sweet little package. your embroidered lamb is the cutest thing ever! i missed signing up for august but definitely plan to participate again in the future. snail mail love!

the back of the cupcake box – can’t wait to use all those cutesy liners.

happy things monday

monday is here once again – here are some happy things for you:

i finally ordered some polaroid film from the impossible project and i’m SO excited. i’ve been wanting some so badly for awhile now and finally could afford to splurge on some of the “cheaper” 600 film. i hope it arrives by the time scott and i go on our mini-road trip this weekend.

this adorable DIY from emily of cupcakes and cashmere. so simple and elegant. i am definitely going to make some of these for the house. i’ve already been throwing around some easy modifications in my head – like covering the wood with vintage wallpaper or cute fabric.

this song makes my heart feel full. i could listen to it every day.
“we laugh until we think we’ll die,
barefoot on a summer night
nothin’ new is sweeter than with you”

the manfriend and i checked out a new cupcake shop yesterday – sweet retreat. they were having a buy one, get one, so we got one each of: monkey business (banana cake w/chocolate butercream), yellow cake with chocolate buttercream, cookies ‘n cream and vanilla. the cookies ‘n cream was my favorite – vanilla cake with an oreo cookie base and cookies n’ cream buttercream (pictured above) DELICIOUS. however, this place is in edina so i imagine we won’t be back there for at least 6 months.

we’ve been watching it’s always sunny in philadelphia reruns on FX. this show is ridiculous and amazing. i cannot wait for the new season to start in september.

favorite entity of sorts

sigh. the ocean. my one true love. i think i’m kind of a water baby. i feel so at home at the ocean, in the ocean. i could float on forever and just be quiet – me and the ocean. it really is very strange that i live somewhere where i am landlocked. i love lakes, but a lake is not an ocean. THE ocean. i suppose my love of the ocean goes hand in hand with my being constantly bitten by the travel bug. there is nothing like going somewhere new and/or letting yourself fall into a place that has nothing to do with you, similar to the ocean just moving you around as you float in it. it reminds you that you are small and insignificant (but still significant) and there is this vastness out there; there is so much more out there to think about than what is in our own tiny worlds. we’re all so narcissistic. the ocean is a reminder of the bigger picture. it makes me happy.

when the mister and i were in puerto rico this last january, our last day at the beach was hard for me. the sun was setting and we had a long walk back to the hotel but i could not make my feet move out of the water. i was content to stay and walk back and forth along the shore and feel the waves wash over my toes and around my ankles. someday, i would like to live on the water for awhile.

favorite ride

i’m keeping it simple tonight. yesterday the mister and i, with some of our friends, took the day off work to go to valleyfair and in honor of that, today’s post is about my favorite ride there – the xtreme swing!!!


there it is, to the right of the rollercoaster, in all its glory. i affectionately nicknamed it the french robot because of the color order and the swing parts looking like robot legs. also, it operates on a hydraulics system so steam comes out of it and it makes sounds like when the t-rex approaches in jurassic park. it’s basically a giant swing that goes REALLY high and is the most fun ride ever. my record so far is riding it 5 times in a row. i could easily do 10, i think.

some favorite books

this book is so ridiculously funny. i went to a private lutheran college for my undergrad so probably have more knowledge of the bible than your average non-christian and was particularly grateful for this because it enabled me to understand all the jokes in this book. the premise of the book is that jesus’ lifelong bff is recruited to write the 13th gospel that fills in the first 30 years of jesus that no one really knows about. i have never laughed out loud so much during a book. if you are not familiar with moore’s books, i also highly recommend “fluke or i know why the winged whale sings.”

vonnegut. it may be cliche but he is definitely one of my favorite author’s. i just love the bizarre society of bokonism in this book and the curious ritual of rubbing the soles of your feet against another’s as an act of intimacy. a couple years after vonnegut passed away – i got the empty birdcage from breakfast of champions as my book dork girl tattoo.

what can i really say about this book. it was so ahead of it’s time. i’m utterly fascinated by the idea of “big brother” and the arguments you can make for or against it in our lives today. i think this book is a classic and try to read it once a year.

favorite caffeine fix – vietnamese coffee

if there are any of you coffee lovers out there who have yet to try vietnamese coffee, i highly recommend that you do so. it will give you a whole new outlook on coffee. and if you have never had it before – PLEASE get it from a vietnamese person. i beg of you. you wouldn’t think it’s very complicated, but really, it’s a fine art in coffee making 🙂 my mamma taught me how to make it when i was 7 and hers is still the best.

gather up your supplies: cafe du monde (is a MUST. accept no substitutes), condensed milk and a “fin” – the metal coffee drip

add as much condensed milk to the bottom of your small glass as you want. note – even if you like black coffee, this coffee will be very dark (if you make it right) so the condensed milk will likely not make it too sweet, but instead, give the coffee a smooth creamy sweetness. scoop about 3 heaping spoonfuls into the filter – enough so that the little middle screw part barely shows.

you’ll then screw the actual filter on. screw it on only part way and add a tiny bit of hot water – let the water soak the grounds and then tighten the filter all the way – fill to the top with water and put the cover on. and then…patience! it’ll be about 20 minutes of drip drip dripping before you get…

this! once your coffee is almost done percolating – get a taller glass ready with smashed ice cubes. remove the filter and stir together the condensed milk and coffee – pour into the glass of ice and…

ENJOY. this is seriously the best and most refreshing coffee drink ever. i dare you not to gulp it all down in under 5 minutes. and the caffeine buzz is pretty incredible.