pizza night recap

i know that you’d be hard-pressed to find a person out there in the world who does not like pizza. however, i truly don’t believe that there are many who love pizza the way my husband loves pizza. if pizza were a nice lady, he would for sure dump me in a heartbeat and live out his happy ever after with a lady pizza. and i wouldn’t even blame him.

so, because of this extreme devotion to pizza, we often find ourselves having pizza dinners at least 2 times a week (it would be more if it were solely up to the mister). homemade pizza is really fun, so i’m hoping to make pizza night recaps on fridays a regular thing. since we were out of town last week, this is actually pizza night from two weeks ago. it had been a busy week and there wasn’t enough time to prep for completely homemade pizzas, but in a pinch – the pre-made dough balls at lund’s work (and taste) great.

the mister’s favorite – prosciutto & arugula
i lean towards simple pizzas – a basic margarita with basil we grew ourselves!


chicago scenes

this past weekend the mister and i took an “end of summer” jaunt to chicago.  while the weather was far too hot and humid for my taste, we still managed to have a darn good time. i just had to take about a dozen naps because the heat wore me out so much. but then made up for it in the quantity of awesome food that was consumed. most notably, we were able to have one last meal at Hot Doug’s. they are closing permanently in october, which actually inspired the trip in the first place.

chicago in the summer time – you are not bad at all.

chicago1 coffeedrip



the mister and i decided to head to chicago for a long weekend in a couple weeks. we haven’t been in about three years and happen to love the city, so we’re definitely looking forward to getting reacquainted. not to mention – it’ll be the last time we’ll ever get to eat at Hot Doug’s! please leave any chicago suggestions you may have – we are always looking for new things to do and eat.

any time we book a trip – it immediately gets me thinking about going on more trips. or i start reminiscing about places we’ve already been. back in may we took a 10 day getaway to california. it was the mister’s first time in california EVER. i couldn’t believe. i had previously shared one of the photos from the trip, but here are a few more. looking at these again made me miss the west coast immensely. SIGH.

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