casual get-together


myself and a friend have recently started organizing monthly knitting/crocheting get-togethers. we just had our second meeting last weekend and feasted on the above pictured spread. i’m a hostess at heart, so in general, i love throwing parties – however, there is something extremely satisfying about a small gathering of your closest friends with a few choice delectable foods to snack on. what is your go-to party food? my favorite is to put together a cheese platter with honey crisp apples and a crusty baguette.


milk bottles

aren’t these bottles lovely? all three are currently living in the refrigerator, filled with cold press concentrate. perfect for these midwest heat waves and for those of us too lazy to wake up early enough to put on coffee.

pudding pie with strawberries

minnesota has been having a pretty extreme heat wave the last several days/weeks, which i love love love. i think it’s in my genes. but there are days where the humidity is absolutely punishing – making the thought of turning on the oven or stove totally appalling. therefore, expect to see heat/humidity friendly recipes showing up for the next few months. starting with this super easy, cool and refreshing summer dessert:

1.5ish cups strawberries, sliced
2 packages of instant vanilla pudding
2 3/4 cups milk (i used skim)
9 inch pie crust

*make your preferred pie crust recipe. (it was 97 degrees the day i made this so i was feeling particularly lazy and picked a frozen one up at the store.) bake and let crust cool completely.

*in a bowl whisk together pudding packets and milk until smooth.

*line bottom of cooled crust with strawberries, pour pudding into crust over the berries. give it a little shake to even it all out.

*pop in fridge, let chill 2ish hours before cutting into

YUM! and it coordinates with my new patio furniture 🙂

treasure hunt successes

item: sewing tools/items box found: savers

i love that the tray has all the compartments labeled!

item: tiered serving dishes found: unique thrift store

it’s hard to tell but the dishes are a lovely pale mint in color with gold/tan speckles

item: super adorable pencil box found: savers

ruler and pencil sharpener included!

item: abandoned vacation photo album found: salvation army

detail of the two photos in the upper right
these adorable ladies took a group tour through italy

item: stool fan found: bryn mawr garage sale
i am particularly excited about this item as i’ve been coveting my friend’s mom’s vintage stool fan for 4 years or so and now i finally have my own!

new (to me) couch!

i bought this lovely vintage couch from Vintage Modern Living last night (that’s the couch, still at her house). it’s the exact size of two people sitting next to each other – i will be putting into a sunroom like area in the house (and will post a photo of it once it’s all arranged!). i love love love the soft gold and silver. i will have to find some nice gray pillows for it. in the meantime, it’s still sitting in the back of my car because we didn’t go pick it up until later last night. oops.

coming up: recipes for butterscotch pot de creme and “smashed” potatoes, february in books review and some craft/house related projects that were completed. hooray!

ebay score

for someone who bakes as much as i do, you would be surprised to discover how many baking tools i lack. i don’t even have a rolling pin. when i rolled out gingerbread cookie dough a couple weeks ago i used a floured POM glass. anyway, i decided to finally get a sifter and was looking on ebay for nice vintage ones and found this adorable pair. so not only do i have a sifter now, i also have acquired a nut chopper. the rolling pin is next on the list, i swear.