the mister and i decided to head to chicago for a long weekend in a couple weeks. we haven’t been in about three years and happen to love the city, so we’re definitely looking forward to getting reacquainted. not to mention – it’ll be the last time we’ll ever get to eat at Hot Doug’s! please leave any chicago suggestions you may have – we are always looking for new things to do and eat.

any time we book a trip – it immediately gets me thinking about going on more trips. or i start reminiscing about places we’ve already been. back in may we took a 10 day getaway to california. it was the mister’s first time in california EVER. i couldn’t believe. i had previously shared one of the photos from the trip, but here are a few more. looking at these again made me miss the west coast immensely. SIGH.

LACollage SFCollage


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