ImageQuality time with the mister after birthday events

i celebrated my golden birthday this past saturday. it got me thinking about list making. i love list making. what i don’t love, though, is how incredibly fast summer in MN flies by. you make all these plans and have all these ideas and the next thing you know, it’s september and you’ve left a lot undone that will now have to wait until next year! so i decided i want to make a list of 30 things to do during my 30th summer. i haven’t actually come up with 30 items, however, so this will be the very begging and i will keep adding to it as spring goes on.

Summer of 30
1. take a river tubing trip (ideally more than one)
2. check out at least 3 different state hiking trails
3. take 2 mini road trips
4. go to a cabin
5. go swimming every week
6. run a 5k
7. plant a beautiful front yard flower garden

to be continued…