gobble, gobble.

i am thankful for…

having people who care about me and love me very very much.
my family (even though they sometimes make me so mad).
being alive and loving my life.
working a job that i like and am good at.
my cute and cozy apartment.
my two pies that turned out AWESOME.
scott and nick being back in mn for a visit soon.
all the books that keep me company.


zadie smith

i’m not totally crazy about zadie smith, but i like these particular words of hers from the introduction she wrote for 2003’s the best american non-required reading compilation.

“the ideal reader cannot sleep when holding the writer he was meant to be with.”

“…to think of oneself as the perfect receptacle for an artwork is one of the few wholly benign human vanities.”

moving forward

dear elder black man in line with me at my polling place,

i wish i could have told how deeply touched i was when you told me you had never voted before and wanted me to turn my ballot into the scanner ahead of you because you wanted to make sure you wouldn’t “mess it up.” i hope as you watched the results come alive last night, you felt as much of this community, this country, as you always should have. thank you for making my voting experience extra special.

dear america,

thank you for showing that you want to turn our country around. after watching john mccain’s graceful concession speech and joyfully and hopefully crying during barack obama’s acceptance speech – i am proud to be swallowed up into the whole that is my community and proud to be an american. i am again hopeful for my future, for my parent’s future. there is a quite a mess to clean up over the next 4 years, but i’m glad we’re (finally) all in this together.

sincerely yours,

p.s. we’ll have to have a talk about bachmann and coleman at a future time. i’m looking at you crazy moms of the 6th district.