day of hearts

Happy Valentine’s friends. I made those cookies for my co-workers and I think they brought a little extra cheer to everyone’s day. Not much can’t be fixed with sprinkles and a sugar glaze. I hope your day has been filled with fun, love and many heart shaped treats.


Year of the Snake

Chúc mừng năm mới!


Wishing all my friends a joyful and prosperous year of the snake! I spent yesterday and today feasting on many delicious foods prepared by my mom (who is an absolutely fantastic cook), so I kicked off lunar new year with a full and happy belly.

a cookie to end all cookies

hello there!  would you like a bite?


if you ever happen to be shopping at the seward co-op. or any co-op for that matter, and you encounter organic, dark chocolate chips in bulk – BUY THEM. even if they cost 8.99 a pound. trust me. then go home and make this recipe. you’ll end up with a cookie that is not just a cookie, but an amazing cookie-brownie-cake hybrid. i know the salted chocolate, salted caramel, salted everything craze has gotten a bit out of hand, but understandably so. salt makes everything better! add a dash of sea salt to these babies before they go into the oven and you’ll never look back.