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happy friday. hope everyone has had a lovely week. it’s been a bit dreary and rainy in minneapolis, but i can’t really complain because i know once it’s july and 90 degrees – i will have been grateful for these nourishing rainy days. not to mention, one of my favorite things is curling up with a good book or stack of magazines on any given dark and wet day. the last couple days though, the sun has made its glorious return, so it looks like the weather has turned a corner. at least for now! no terribly big plans for this long weekend – gardening/yard work, birthday events (friends and family) and hopefully a trip to the farmers’ market!

1. the (very long-awaited) 4th season of Arrested Development premieres this weekend. my favorite preview i’ve seen so far.

2. i am not at all a cat person, but even this made me laugh: cats who think they are sushi

3. even better – today i will be happier than a corgi on stilts

4. if you work or live in downtown minneapolis, my new favorite food truck is The Moral Omnivore – the fried tomato BLT is out of this world. i’m available for lunch dates most days!

5. finally had a chance to page through the latest issue of Bon Appetit last night. will definitely be making these two recipes sooner rather than later: Thai Iced Tea & Salt-Grilled Shrimp. two recipes perfect for a summer menu.



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