architecture inspiration

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i adore the state theatre. the interior is so beautiful that it immediately makes any show i have seen there doubly enjoyable. built in the 1920’s, this building is a perfect example of the “roaring 20’s” architecture style. the original stage floor was made of glass and lit from below – i can’t even imagine who dreamy that would have looked. from 1921 – 1978, it served primarily has a movie house. then, oddly enough, in 1978, it was bought by the Jesus People Church and became a house of worship. the Jesus People covered up the murals and sculptures. in 1989 the state was bought back by the city of minneapolis and went through a 2 year renovation, re-opening as the lovely theatre it is today. if you have a chance, go see a show there.

i was reminded of this amazing place on saturday, for it was the location of Aziz Ansari’s stand up show in minneapolis. if you have never seen him do stand up, i also highly recommend it.

check out my favorite bit: Aziz Ansari’s 50 Cent grapefruit story


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