internet faves


(my dog excels at yoga)

happy friday everyone! here are some recent and not so recent things i’ve seen around the internet that are currently my favorite links.

1. in honor of St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday – here is the all-time BEST recipe “irish car bomb” cupcakes from one of my favorite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen.

2. Food pairings as Pantone chips! Such a clever (and delicious) take on color theory. Bonus, the designer is a Minneapolite.

3. I gave up on watching Saturday Night Live sometime in the early 2000’s. Which means that I completely missed out on this amazing skit from an episode in 2008. A parody that includes Paul Rudd, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. No lie – somehow becoming friends with Paul Rudd is on my bucket list.

4. Love uni? Read this interview with some california sea urchin divers. The divers share some incredible experiences.

5. This Saturday is mine and the mister’s 6 month-aversary! To celebrate our first 6 months as a (mostly) blissfully wedded couple – here is some marriage advice. and it’s not your mama’s advice.


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