dreamy carrot cake

it’s impossible these days to find a carrot cake this is not full of raisins, pineapple, nuts or a myriad of other ingredients that are just fine, but DO NOT belong in a carrot cake. after scouring the internet for just the right recipe, i remembered my trusty baking illustrated book hanging out on the kitchen shelf. ding ding ding! we have a winner. a fragrant spiced carrot cake without any of that unnecessary extra stuff. brightened up with a lime mascarpone icing – it was the hit of the birthday party it was brought to. in fear of being sued, i won’t be recreating the carrot cake recipe from the book, but see below for the icing. you might have to make two batches because you’ll want to eat the first go ’round with a spoon.

LIME MASCARPONE CREAM CHEESE ICING (adapted from jamie oliver)
4 oz macarpone
8 oz cream cheese, softened
2 cups powdered sugar
juice from 1 lime
zest from 2 limes

put all the ingredients in a bowl and beat on low until totally combine and creamy. it will go through a phase where it’s all lumpy and cottage cheese looking, but power through, it will all work out in the end.


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