vacation food pt. II – Portland

i bet you’ve all been on pins and needles waiting to see the second half of my vacation food, right? i just knew it 😉 here it is!

pok pok – thai (and some vietnamese inspired) menu. it came highly recommended by the internet and many other people, but i did not love it. southeast asian flood is spicy and tart and sweet and so many flavors at once. i found almost none of those things in my food or in the bites i had of my friends’ food. i was told that portland has insanely good thai, but i don’t think pok pok falls under that category. and they didn’t have thai iced tea on the menu! what’s up with that?!

under that noodle blanket is hidden prawns and pork belly and a caramel sauce. this was my friend nathalie’s order and i think it may have been my favorite. it had the most punch of all the dishes.

broken crepe with mussels. you know how much i love the vietnamese version, bahn xeo, but this rendition did not even come close to comparing. where was the intoxicating smell of cooked coconut milk paired with its smooth subtle flavor?! i liked the fried egg addition though.

our friends jack and alex both work at lucca – an italian restaurant not too far from jack’s house where we were staying. the owners have a garden just for the restaurant and the menu is changed almost daily depending on what fresh ingredients they have. we really enjoyed our dinner and were there for happy hour beforehand so got to enjoy some great snacks and dessert. pictured above is the duck sugo which was, somehow, delightfully light despite being a pasta based dish. you can also see our sausage and arugula pizza in the background. pizza and pasta – carb overload!

brunch at cup and saucer on our last day in portland. i had the “world famous garden scramble” and LOVED it. i promptly made my own version at home and ate it for a week after we got back. so many good veggies! broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, red bell pepper, mushrooms, spinach and cheddar. AWESOME.

the mister had sour dough french toast. also really really good, i love the yeasty sourdough flavor combined with the sweetness of the powdered sugar and syrup – and look at that giant pile of french toast!

we hopped on a train back to seattle (flying out of seattle the next day) that late afternoon. we were putzy and ran late so didn’t have time to stop and pick up dinner to bring on the train. this is our extremely junky and terrible dinner from the bistro car. pepsi, cookies, a broccoli cheddar quiche (for me) and hidden under the chips is a bagel sandwich (for the mister). yikes.


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