bake sale photos

the share our strength bake sale took place at midtown global market yesterday. i wasn’t able to stick around for very long, but snapped a few photos with my phone so i could share all the goodies with my internet friends 🙂 30 local bloggers participated and the sale raised over $600 – big big thanks to kate from kate in the kitchen for organizing us all!

muffins and pumpkin bread (sorry, i don’t know by who). and samples of amy from green your plate’s brioche and banana bread (we bought 2 of the banana breads – really awesome, the recipe is posted on her blog). those giant marshmallow on a stick faces were a HUGE hit. kids were flipping out over them.

lovely springy rose cookies from amanda of i am baker. her blog is so fabulous, one of my all-time favorites. an real inspiration to a newbie baker like myself!

i spy a sourdough ciabatta made by the mister. and my contributions of blueberry crumb and peanut butter and jelly bars (blog posts forthcoming). there’s kate in the middle!

fairy and pirate cupcakes – super cute. apple and cheddar scones (i bought one) and chocolate chip cream cheese cupcakes by laurie of relish it towards the back – oh, and there’s amy, hi amy!

i can’t wait to participate again next year. hope some of you folks manage to stop by and pick up some treats.


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