MNFoodBloggers #3 – The Local & Green Ox

you know it’s going to be a fun night when you’re handed a big ol’ sample of 2 Gingers whiskey upon arriving at a get-together, before you’ve even managed to take your coat off. i have been to the local many times before, but other than indulging in too many big gingers, i’d never eaten any of the food.

enter the gang at the local and mike philips of green ox (here’s a little profile of green ox on heavy table). not only was everyone extremely friendly and excited to have us food bloggers there, but also very gracious and charming, especially that kieran folliard, geez 🙂 i really enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts on the business and how truly excited each person was about reviving the reputation of irish food (ha!). one of the big perks of belonging to this MN Food Bloggers group is getting so many opportunities to spend time with people who are so passionate and so in love with what they do. it’s really inspiring and i always the events with spirits buoyed. or was that more because of the bubbly drinks?! a little of both maybe!

without further adieu, the spead:

the local’s bite-sized play on their veggie burger – black bean and wild rice.

beef and pork sausages with housemade pretzel buns. i had two and snuck one home for the mister.

trotters. OMG. tender, melty meat and a crispy chewy skin. stuffed with pickled ramps. you know spring really is here when there are ramps everywhere.

the MASSIVE charcuterie platter. i maybe sampled a third of these offerings. so. much. meat.

Align Centermy second plate 🙂 also pictured, a cute sample of fish and chips. i also never got around to photographing the spicy chicken shots (or eat any of them) and the carrot cake bits (i did eat about 5 of those, though).

thanks again to the local, green ox and of course the ever lovely stephanie – our hostess with the mostess! can’t wait for next month.


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