sunday breakfast

you may remember my mentioning going to the corner table for a food blogger event and learning about their CSK program. well, the mister and i signed up for 4 weeks of boxes and are really loving it so far. the quality of the meat is excellent and you can’t really beat farm fresh eggs and bread from sun street breads. you can sign up on a rolling basis, so we will probably renew our membership after the 4 weeks is up. also, what’s better than going to pick up our box at the corner table on a friday night and sitting down for some drinks and dessert?!

in this week’s (and last week’s) box, we got bacon and eggs – additionally, we also got mint basil pesto and a sesame wheat ciabatta – HELLO BREAKFAST SANDWICH!

the mister throwing some pesto on the lightly toasted slices of ciabatta.

pesto, fried egg, sharp cheddar and crispy bacon. i am so in love.

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