the mysteriously appearing pepper mill

one afternoon, last month, the mister sent me an email while i was at work (he works from home) saying that a package came in the mail for me. i wasn’t expecting anything and the return address was from PSP LLC. i told him to open it – i couldn’t handle the suspense – and inside was the following pepper mill:

made by Peugot – a french company that makes cars. and bicycles. and salt and pepper mills. there was no note in the box, not even a packing slip. we were totally perplexed and a bit creeped out because only days earlier, we had been shopping around crate and barrel and enthusiastically discussing pepper grinders and how we needed a new one soon. i guess the pepper gods heard us? i have yet to figure it out.

this pepper mill, though, is no joke folks (it costs $100 on amazon!). it works like a dream and is the seriously the best one i’ve ever used. and it looks awesome.

soooo. thanks. whoever you are for sending this my way!


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