birthday week

birthday week has included:
-dim sum with my parents
-date night at cafe lurcat
-a new umbrella that i love!
-a massage and spa mani/pedi
-doggy play date with friends – 3 dogs romping in the living room is a sight to see
-homemade, by the mister, brioche on my actual birthday (wednesday)
-we went jogging together every day (except thursday because he had class)
-joint birthday dinner with t. hoff
the continuance of birthday week will include:
-dinner with my parents tonight
-more jogging, hot tub and a cardio class
-dinner at restaurant alma (sooooo excited!!!) with grant and sarah – i’ve already decided there will be bubbles because they just got engaged and there should always be bubbles for that
-true grit at the riverview

it’s true, i do love my birthday. and i love throwing a great party for the mister’s birthday every year too. he got lucky, we were in vietnam for his birthday this year and i think that’s pretty much the ultimate party. here we are at the beach on his actual birthday day:


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