sunday night: date night at cafe lurcat

about a year and a half ago, during restaurant week, the mister and i visited cafe lurcat for the first time and were so impressed. maybe i need to pay more attention, but there is not enough buzz about this place, in my opinion. there is a lot of asian fusion happening on the menu, which i am normally not a big fan of, but it’s done really well in this case and we’ve loved everything we’ve eaten here. their apple, manchege, chive salad is one of my absolute favorite things.

(ginger scallion fried rice with a gorgeous egg yolk)

sunday night is date night at participating d’amico restaurants around the twin cities. for $50 (per couple, not per person!), you each get 3 courses and a bottle of wine or bubbles to share. this is an amazing deal, folks. and last night at lurcat, we had amazing food and service. the mister and i definitely left full and extremely happy. can’t wait to check out date night at the other d’amico restaurants around town (masa is next on the list probably).


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