bahn xeo!

bahn xeo, a vietnamese savory crepe – one of my #1 all-time favorite vietnamese dishes. i introduced the mister to them a long time ago and he is totally addicted. my mom is a master at these crepes. she is like a one woman crepe making machine when we have these for dinner, with huge bowl of batter and at least 3 frying pans going at once. and let me tell you, hers are THE BEST. we even went out for bahn xeo while in vietnam last month and longed for my mom’s with every bite. this is my 3rd batch ever and i think i’m getting there! hopefully, by the time my (future, currently non-existent) kids are ready to enjoy these, they’ll be half as good as the ones grandma will be making for them πŸ™‚

(we eat these with my mom’s delicious homemade fish sauce – shown in back – it’s to die for)

disclaimer: please excuse the arbitrary units of measurements. this is my mom’s recipe, as recited to me on the phone, and she has never used a measuring cup or spoon in her entire life.

8 oz rice flour (i get a thai brand that comes in a clear bag with red lettering & 3 elephants on it and use about half a bag per batch)
1 can coconut milk (mix up the cream and coconut water before adding it to the recipe)
3/4th bottle of heineken (or other similar lighter beer)
1/2 – 3/4 can of water (use the coconut milk can)
1 tablespoon tumeric (this gives the crepes the rich golden color)
2-3 pork chops, fat trimmed off
20-25 shrimp, peeled, de-veined and split in half
oil or cooking spray for the pan

fish sauce
fresh greens (lettuce, mint, thai basil, cucumbers, etc)
rice paper (optional)

another other:
this batter should be prepared a few hours before you start making the crepes. my mom says it needs to sit and expand or something, for awhile. who am i to argue?

-in a bowl combine flour, tumeric, coconut milk, beer, water – whisk well, until batter is smooth. there should be no lumps. add more water if necessary.

-prepare shrimp and pork. i cooked up the pork chops in the oven at 375 for about 11 minutes – they will be cooked for a bit in the pan so don’t have to be cooked all the way through in the oven. the shrimp is divided in half and the pork sliced into medium-thin 1 inch pieces (or so)

-heat up a large frying pan or two (on medium-high heat), with a little oil or cooking spray. these take awhile to cook, so if you’re really hungry, make sure to get started early and having more than one going at a time helps it go much faster πŸ™‚

-scatter shrimp and pork pieces in the pan – let shrimp cook up for about 30 seconds and then add batter – enough to swirl around your pan and make a nice round crepe shape.

*make sure to breathe in the delicious smell of coconut milk cooking – MMMMMMMM*

-depending on how crispy you want the crepes, cook each side for 8-10 minutes

-eat on a bed of greens with (prepared) fish sauce. or rolled in rice paper with greens and fish sauce. don’t forget the fish sauce.

i love fish sauce.


3 thoughts on “bahn xeo!

  1. there are probably others, but i know for sure that Jasmine 26 on eat street has them. i usually just go to my parent's house for them, but my BF got them there once πŸ™‚

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