happy ballentyme’s day!

i’m not ashamed to admit that i love valentine’s day. i don’t love it in the “spend hundreds of dollars on dinner and jewelry and red roses” kind of way. for one, i hate red roses. and for another, that’s not what the day should be about. i enjoy valentine’s in the “make homemade cards, put up cute decorations, eat heart shaped sweets and be generally giggly over all the sugar you’ve just consumed” kind of way. celebrate or don’t celebrate in whatever way you see fit!

why i love valentine’s day – the 2011 edition

red nail polish and cute cut-out cookie messages (cookies from st. paul classic cookie)

a valentine given to me from one of my free arts kids – talk about a heart melter 🙂

banana chocolate chip muffins (recipe: kate in the kitchen)

my funny puppy valentine & valentine cupcakes (also from st. paul classic cookie)

vintage-y & homemade decorations!

red velvet pancakes for lunch (recipe: the herb box via MN monthly mag)

and my other wonderful, funny valentine. telling him i love him every day is hardly enough. he’s the best 🙂

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