1st birthday

i swear to you that i have been doing things other than making food/treats for my dog in recent weeks. i can also swear to you that i have been eating up all of that people food with no motivation to style, light and photograph any of it. oops. i’m making a come back soon, i think.

anyway. pineapple’s 1st birthday was on monday and what kind of responsible dog parent would i be if i didn’t document the occasion? he loved his “cake” and we got him a red rubber ball that smells like fruit for a present – needless to say, he loves the ball too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PINEAPPLE!

eagerly anticipating birthday cake!

and now he’s just annoyed with me for taking a million photos instead of feeding him already.

the inside of the turkey loaf cake! with mashed potato frosting (sorry for the poor quality). i improvised the recipe, so let me know if you’re interested. pineapple flipped out over it and it agreed with his tummy just fine!

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