so long, 2010

what’s new year’s eve without some sparkle? i had a ratty pair of black flats that were about to meet their demise in the garbage until i saw THIS tutorial from the ladies at we are not martha. ummm…can we just say love love love! i’m pretty picky when it comes to glitter and sequins, but boy, if i’m not a sucker for the perfect amount of flair added to an outfit. i haven’t decided on the rest of my clothes, but i know what my feet are wearing tonight!

in 2010 i…
let go
stopped (mentally) beating myself up
fell in love all over again
went to seattle
got a puppy
became a dog person
and then became head over heels for that puppy
did not read enough books
missed my best friend(s) terribly
met new people
laughed and laughed and laughed some more
took a stand
did some good
saw ronnie spector perform
got ready to take the mister on the trip of a lifetime


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