snowmaggedon (or some other cutesy name)

we were snowed in this weekend and it was AWESOME. the blizzard was forecasted to begin late friday night, so friday after work we went christmas shopping, got take out for dinner and went to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and dinner fixings for the next day. up to 20 inches fell in some places – apparently saturday was the 5th biggest snowstorm in twin cities history.

other than the 2 rounds of shoveling we did (so that shoveling this morning wouldn’t be totally miserable) the rest of the day/night was spent making super delicious foods, playing with a very excited puppy, wrapping christmas presents and hanging out in pajamas. we already decided we want to invest in some xc skies and/or snow shoes so we can take complete advantage of the next blizzard!

here is the giant snow pile we have in the backyard. it is going to be turned into a snow fort for the dog. i wish i had gotten a picture of the pile of frozen snow the plow had left for us when it went through the alley. that was a fun thing for the two of us to chip away at first thing in the morning.

and here is the mister with a very serious faced puppy finishing up the backyard while i was leaving to go vintage shopping šŸ™‚


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