thanksgiving desserts, etc!

i didn’t make these for thanksgiving, but wanted to include them anyway because they are delicious – olive oil and chive fantail rolls. this is the second time i’ve made them and they are great! i didn’t have fresh chives this time, so used dried instead and they still tasted good.

MY PIES. i felt like the queen of pies this year because everyone went nuts over these and made me feel really good about my baking skills! these recipes are both super easy, but STILL, i love when people really enjoy the things i make. we do thanksgiving lunch with the mister’s mom’s side and then dinner with his dad’s side. when we were leaving dinner his grandma was offering everyone leftover pie and the mister says, “oh, i’ll take the last slice of apple.” and she responds with,”well, i’m going to keep the apple, but you can have the other ones.” CUTE.

the recipes: pecan pie (i really liked that his recipe did not use corn syrup – as most pecan pie recipes do) dreamy apple pie (and she is not lying, this pie was the most incredible apple pie i’ve ever had)

the mister made these amazing fluffy rolls. they are SO freaking good. he made them last year and got special requests for them for this thanksgiving. i don’t know where he got the recipe, but if i get it, i’ll update.

chocolate turkey tarts! i love how cute these are. we made gobbling noises the whole time we were assembling them. i want to make a christmas tree version, i think – maybe with green and red sanding sugar instead of white.

aaaaaaaaand – the mister and puppy in their joint post-thanksgiving coma. my life is pretty pretty pretty good.


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