hello out there!

i made these for my friend nathalie’s birthday at the beginning of october and totally forgot to post this picture i took of them. they were as delicious as they look, trust me. this is one of my all-time favorite cupcake recipes. i’d highly advise you trying it out.

i hit the mother of all sales at urban outfitters last week. the sale racks were actually FULL of decent stuff (rare, i know). i got 2 dresses and a sweater for $19. the dresses are going to be perfect for vietnam in january. and this sweater is one of the comfiest articles of clothing i now own (that is not pajamas).

once summer ended, i needed to retire my yellow and white striped purse. i wear so much black at my job that i wanted i new fall/winter purse to replace my black one – i stumbled upon this one at forever 21 and thought it was perfect. muted enough for winter, but still bright enough to keep in rotation once summer rolls around again, if i want.

aaaaand. here is pineapple all partied out from a doggy halloween party that the mister took him to on saturday. the cutest puppy bee there ever was.

i decided to take tomorrow off work – just as a doing whatever i want day and i can’t wait. i have plans to make chicken noodle soup from scratch (even the noodles!) and my friend mike and i are going to the walker to check out the alec soth exhibit. stay tuned!


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