pretty space

today is a perfect day for a mini home tour – our home office! one of my favorite rooms in the house and i’ve very diligently hunted for just the right things to go in there.

this desk is the newest addition to the house. the second both of us saw it, at the cottage house, we had a mind-meld moment and about 15 minutes later we were bringing it home. now i have to find the perfect chair for it.

the mister and i are planning to sign up for a class or two this fall, just for fun. i bought these as a “going back to school” gift from paper pastries. i love a perfectly sharpened #2 pencil.

the unread section of my books and one of my collections of raymond peynet drawings. they are so whimsical and wistful at the same time. and hard to find. i have 3 of his books and they are 1st editions that i found in the UK.

birds and vintage birdcages. trendy, yes – do i love them still? yes. nice bookend, no?

and the grand finale – my bookshelves. eventually we’ll add a fourth shelf so the books go all the way to the ceiling, but for now, the extras are in neat piles on any free surface throughout the house. there are other little trinkets, 3 cameras and some of my favorite photos also scattered throughout the shelves. i could sit and look at them all day.

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