onesies party

skyride. mn state fair. august 2010.

another craft post! can you tell i’ve been saving them up from my break? in the last few months, lots of ladies in my life have become pregnant and i wanted to make some special presents for the impending babies. i’m not a great sewer, so i also wanted to keep it simple – therefore – personalized onesies!

the dad is from MN, so i made a MN patch with a heart button for the Twin Cities. so adorable! i love babies in little onesies.

and the mama is from AZ, with the heart button at Phoenix where they currently live. not quite as distinctive in shape as MN, but i think i got pretty close.

detail of my MN patch.

so other mamas, expect onesies coming your way!


One thought on “onesies party

  1. What a great idea!! I have some plain onsies at home that I have been planning on sewing for awhile. I think I will try the MN outline.

    Just came across your blog and I love it! So fun to find another local blog!

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