happy things monday

this week’s monday happy things is going to be in list form. i’m in the mood for a different format.

1. we are going to the cabin thursday night through sunday and i am SO looking forward to it. reading in the sun, swimming in the lake, croquet and cards. yes, please!

2. pineapple (the puppy) and i have special puppy and puppy mama time on mondays and it starts off with us napping together for a couple hours in the morning. love love love.

3. tony came over with his dog, stella, today for an impromptu puppy date. they didn’t like each other at first (she’s an alpha female and older) but after a rough start, their tales were wagging and they played chase for a little bit. and now pineapple has a total crush on stella.

4. sitting around with friends and family with our feet in a kiddie pool to beat the intense heat and humidity. for hours.

5. i’m currently re-reading microserfs by douglas coupland (ahhh i just realized i haven’t done a june or july books post) and want to read these words over and over again “you’re a thousand diamonds —– a handful of lovers’ rings —– chalk for a million hopscotch games.”

happy monday kids!


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