happy things monday

monday is here once again – here are some happy things for you:

i finally ordered some polaroid film from the impossible project and i’m SO excited. i’ve been wanting some so badly for awhile now and finally could afford to splurge on some of the “cheaper” 600 film. i hope it arrives by the time scott and i go on our mini-road trip this weekend.

this adorable DIY from emily of cupcakes and cashmere. so simple and elegant. i am definitely going to make some of these for the house. i’ve already been throwing around some easy modifications in my head – like covering the wood with vintage wallpaper or cute fabric.

this song makes my heart feel full. i could listen to it every day.
“we laugh until we think we’ll die,
barefoot on a summer night
nothin’ new is sweeter than with you”

the manfriend and i checked out a new cupcake shop yesterday – sweet retreat. they were having a buy one, get one, so we got one each of: monkey business (banana cake w/chocolate butercream), yellow cake with chocolate buttercream, cookies ‘n cream and vanilla. the cookies ‘n cream was my favorite – vanilla cake with an oreo cookie base and cookies n’ cream buttercream (pictured above) DELICIOUS. however, this place is in edina so i imagine we won’t be back there for at least 6 months.

we’ve been watching it’s always sunny in philadelphia reruns on FX. this show is ridiculous and amazing. i cannot wait for the new season to start in september.

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