favorite entity of sorts

sigh. the ocean. my one true love. i think i’m kind of a water baby. i feel so at home at the ocean, in the ocean. i could float on forever and just be quiet – me and the ocean. it really is very strange that i live somewhere where i am landlocked. i love lakes, but a lake is not an ocean. THE ocean. i suppose my love of the ocean goes hand in hand with my being constantly bitten by the travel bug. there is nothing like going somewhere new and/or letting yourself fall into a place that has nothing to do with you, similar to the ocean just moving you around as you float in it. it reminds you that you are small and insignificant (but still significant) and there is this vastness out there; there is so much more out there to think about than what is in our own tiny worlds. we’re all so narcissistic. the ocean is a reminder of the bigger picture. it makes me happy.

when the mister and i were in puerto rico this last january, our last day at the beach was hard for me. the sun was setting and we had a long walk back to the hotel but i could not make my feet move out of the water. i was content to stay and walk back and forth along the shore and feel the waves wash over my toes and around my ankles. someday, i would like to live on the water for awhile.


2 thoughts on “favorite entity of sorts

  1. I've lived my entire life on the East Coast, with the exception of a few years in Cleveland, which is on Lake Erie and might as well be an ocean. The thought of longing for the ocean is an odd one for me. I suppose it's a case of not appreciating what you have.

    I liked your analogy about oceans and travelling. I LOVE to travel, although it seems like the past few years have been a little slow in that department.

  2. i've always wanted to move closer to the water – even lake superior is about 2 hours away from where i live – but have always been hesitant to be away from my family!

    i think most people don't travel as much as they wish they could 🙂 and i know that even after i've just come home from somewhere – i'm already finding out some other place that seems like it could teach me something!

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