some favorite books

this book is so ridiculously funny. i went to a private lutheran college for my undergrad so probably have more knowledge of the bible than your average non-christian and was particularly grateful for this because it enabled me to understand all the jokes in this book. the premise of the book is that jesus’ lifelong bff is recruited to write the 13th gospel that fills in the first 30 years of jesus that no one really knows about. i have never laughed out loud so much during a book. if you are not familiar with moore’s books, i also highly recommend “fluke or i know why the winged whale sings.”

vonnegut. it may be cliche but he is definitely one of my favorite author’s. i just love the bizarre society of bokonism in this book and the curious ritual of rubbing the soles of your feet against another’s as an act of intimacy. a couple years after vonnegut passed away – i got the empty birdcage from breakfast of champions as my book dork girl tattoo.

what can i really say about this book. it was so ahead of it’s time. i’m utterly fascinated by the idea of “big brother” and the arguments you can make for or against it in our lives today. i think this book is a classic and try to read it once a year.


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