happy things monday

the midwest has finally given us all a bit of a break from our heat wave – this cool, slightly breezy day is the perfect day to present you with 5 happy things monday…

oh, you know, just Hemingway kicking a can.
(this was in my folder of photos i’ve found and wasn’t labeled with where i found it specifically – but a google image search leads me to believe it’s an image that is just kind of floating around cyber space)

jay shafer’s tiny house. oh my goodness, i love love love love this. it’s so cozy and sweet. if i could fit another person in it, a puppy and all my books, i’d be totally down 🙂

i’ve been reading this comic, questionable content, for years now and it still makes me laugh. maybe because i relate so well to the self-involved mid-20’s waxing philosophical – HA!

this little guy, who is a little over 5 months old now – has made my life about a million times more joyful. i never would have thought i could love a puppy so much!

saffron restaurant. if you live in minneapolis and have not gone here yet, PLEASE DO IT. go for happy hour even. their cocktails are fantastic. they also have 3 bite BLTs on their HH menu, made from house cured lamb bacon. DROOL. support local business and Chef Wadi – GO.

later today: installment 2 of my favorite things week


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