favorite caffeine fix – vietnamese coffee

if there are any of you coffee lovers out there who have yet to try vietnamese coffee, i highly recommend that you do so. it will give you a whole new outlook on coffee. and if you have never had it before – PLEASE get it from a vietnamese person. i beg of you. you wouldn’t think it’s very complicated, but really, it’s a fine art in coffee making šŸ™‚ my mamma taught me how to make it when i was 7 and hers is still the best.

gather up your supplies: cafe du monde (is a MUST. accept no substitutes), condensed milk and a “fin” – the metal coffee drip

add as much condensed milk to the bottom of your small glass as you want. note – even if you like black coffee, this coffee will be very dark (if you make it right) so the condensed milk will likely not make it too sweet, but instead, give the coffee a smooth creamy sweetness. scoop about 3 heaping spoonfuls into the filter – enough so that the little middle screw part barely shows.

you’ll then screw the actual filter on. screw it on only part way and add a tiny bit of hot water – let the water soak the grounds and then tighten the filter all the way – fill to the top with water and put the cover on. and then…patience! it’ll be about 20 minutes of drip drip dripping before you get…

this! once your coffee is almost done percolating – get a taller glass ready with smashed ice cubes. remove the filter and stir together the condensed milk and coffee – pour into the glass of ice and…

ENJOY. this is seriously the best and most refreshing coffee drink ever. i dare you not to gulp it all down in under 5 minutes. and the caffeine buzz is pretty incredible.

3 thoughts on “favorite caffeine fix – vietnamese coffee

  1. Yummy! I bought one of those filter thingys years ago with the hope of learning to make Vietnamese coffee at home, but have yet to break it out of the box. Thanks for the motivation to finally give it a try!

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