monday things

for almost 3 years now i have been on a tuesday-saturday work schedule. and i love it. if i ever had to pinpoint one thing that has vastly improved my quality of life – it is that i don’t have to work on mondays. as a result, it is one of my favorite days of the week; it is also one of my most productive. while most other people are at work, i get stores all to myself to get my errands done in an astonishingly efficient manner! because of this, i have decide to start doing “5 Happy Things on Monday” every week. hope you enjoy the first installment – happy monday!

homemade strawberry watermelon yogurt pops that you slice! such a perfect summer treat. i can’t wait to make these.

(minus the pink) i am completely in love with this room. we need to finish our basement so that i will have a whole new room to decorate. found via smile and wave

i NEED this mustache ball dog toy for our puppy. i laugh and laugh and laugh when i look at this photo.

Get Him to the Greek. the mister and i went to see this in the theaters. twice. for full price on the weekend. and it was worth every penny. seriously – go see it if you want a good time.

this dress that i ordered from shabby apple. it’s a total “hello, summer!” dress.

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