summer days

this weekend was a fantastic summer weekend. champagne drinks on a patio, garage sales, antique shopping in an old mansion, fantastic desserts from a lovely bakery, puppy time and SUPER yummy take-out from restaurants we’ve never tried before.

is this a match made in heaven or what?! i found these at 2 different garage sales in uptown. they were both love at first sight. we actually used the coffee percolator to make a big batch of cold press last night and had some this morning – SO GOOD. i love the cheery yellow color and the daisies. and the cake pan! i’ve been searching high and low for a cake pan like this that wasn’t too expensive (to me), since i absolutely don’t need this or anything. and now i have one and it’s so retro and cute.

more frames for my frame wall! beautiful AND cheap frames are really hard to come by. i found 2 of these at saver’s and 2 at a garage sale.

another cute tray to turn into a chalkboard! or i might keep it a tray since i love gingham print. the tray is from saver’s and i found 2 of those stands at unique for only 40 cents each! they are perfect for displaying a book on my shelf or flat things i want to photograph.

this is my favorite find of the weekend. i stumbled upon it in the garage of the Cottage House. we ran into dave’s uncle and aunt outside of Patisserie 46 and she steered us here when we told her we were out treasure hunting and boy, do i love this place now. they are only open 5 days a month – i’m already counting the days until i can go again in august! this great little travel bar set is actually going to be a birthday present for someone. i hope he doesn’t read my blog…

milk glass dish from saver’s. currently holding some change and handmade fabric flowers.

ahhhh this necklace from rewind vintage! i actually saw it when i stopped in there on thursday and didn’t get it. i proceeded to think about it until saturday and i had to go back there to pick it up. we are planning to go to dinner at Saffron next weekend and i can be all pretty with this necklace for that.

we got chinese food delivered from one of our favorite “bad” chinese food places for dinner tonight and i think dave’s fortune sums up this weekend perfectly.



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