why i love my puppy today

(sandstone june 2010)

*every morning when i come down from the bedroom after waking up, he gallops up to me from the living room and presses himself against my legs to be pet.
*when he’s tired, he goes into his crate and puts himself to bed.
*if i lay on my side on the living room rug and call him over, he’ll come curl himself into a ball against my tummy
*he hurdles back and forth over my leg when i’m resting it on the ottoman.
*he touches mine and dave’s face with his paw as a gesture of affection when we are playing with him
*when you ask for a high-five, he will sometimes get extra excited and high-five your hand with both paws
*he makes me extra nervous for when i have kids, because if i can love a little puppy this much, it’s going to be terrifying when it’s my own kid.


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