may books

under the banner of heaven – jon krakauer if you’re like me, you have a morbid fascination regarding mormon fundamentalists. and this extreme interest was brought on my watching big love. particularly when you burn through the latest 3 seasons in about a month and just want more episodes! under the banner of heaven delves deeply into the lives several mormon fundamentalists and the history of joseph smith and his successors. truly some harrowing stuff in this book. a few nights i read some of the chapters right before bed and had nightmares of being kidnapped and taken to a commune. eek. i would definitely recommend this book though. it’s like a really horrible car crash – you just can’t look away.

running with scissors – augusten burroughs this book was crazy and sad. it’s burroughs recounting his childhood where his father left him and would not even take his calls and his crazy mother signed him off to live with her extremely unorthodox psychiatrist. i won’t tell you much about it in case you want to read it, but it’s a little bit funny and a really sad story about some supremely messed up people. also fascinating in the car crash kind of way. he has other memoirs and i ended up liking his writing style so i may check others out.

2 non-fiction books in one month! i normally don’t read non-fiction and i’m actually on a third one right now. perhaps i will make it the summer of non-fiction. we’ll see.

new dress #2! i love the ruffle detail and that it looks tailored but the fabric is really versatile and lightweight. i wore it on a 4 mile walk the other night and didn’t get too hot at all. i also like that it’s sleeveless so even on warm days i can pair it with a cardigan and have it not be too heavy.


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