pudding pie with strawberries

minnesota has been having a pretty extreme heat wave the last several days/weeks, which i love love love. i think it’s in my genes. but there are days where the humidity is absolutely punishing – making the thought of turning on the oven or stove totally appalling. therefore, expect to see heat/humidity friendly recipes showing up for the next few months. starting with this super easy, cool and refreshing summer dessert:

1.5ish cups strawberries, sliced
2 packages of instant vanilla pudding
2 3/4 cups milk (i used skim)
9 inch pie crust

*make your preferred pie crust recipe. (it was 97 degrees the day i made this so i was feeling particularly lazy and picked a frozen one up at the store.) bake and let crust cool completely.

*in a bowl whisk together pudding packets and milk until smooth.

*line bottom of cooled crust with strawberries, pour pudding into crust over the berries. give it a little shake to even it all out.

*pop in fridge, let chill 2ish hours before cutting into

YUM! and it coordinates with my new patio furniture 🙂


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