cake balls

okay, these are so fun and cute looking and SUPER easy. they are a little time consuming, but worth it to have bite sized treats handy in the end 🙂

for the cake: get your favorite chocolate cake mix (i used betty crocker chocolate fudge) and favorite can of chocolate frosting (again, i used betty crocker).

prepare cake according to directions and let cool completely. crumble cake into a big bowl. i used my hands and a fork to crumble.

add frosting to the crumbles and mix. start with half the can and add more as needed. i ended up using about half a can + 3ish tablespoons. some directions tell you to use the whole can and i think that would be crazy and REALLY messy.

once everything is evenly mixed together, separate the mixture and form into 1″ balls and put them into the freezer to firm them up. i left them in there for about an hour.

for the outside shell: i did white chocolate but you can do any chocolate you’d like. for 1 box’s worth of cake balls i used two regular sized bags of white chocolate chips.

put half of the bag and 1 tbs of shortening into a microwave safe bowl. microwave for 1 minute and stir until smooth. i used a spoon to dip the cake balls. repeat with chocolate chips until all the cake balls are coated. decorate however you desire and enjoy!


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