february books (sorry, i’m slow)

snow white – donald bartheme: this was a strange book. i’m not sure i would recommend it to the average reader, it was so unusual. but i liked parts of it very much. i bought a copy with the intention of sending it on as a gift (it’s a beautiful 1st edition) and decided to read it before letting it travel on. my favorite passage from it “I could fly a kite with this hair it is so long. The wind would carry the kite up into the blue, and there would be the red of the kite against the blue of the blue, together with my hair black as ebony, floating there.” (snow white, talking about her hair).

ender’s game – orson scott card: i read this for the first time when i was in 8th grade and was pretty astonished that i read something science fiction and REALLY liked it. zac and i decided to read it for the books & bars bookclub and i’m glad it gave me the chance to re-read. i discovered i still liked it! it’s part of a 3 book series so eventually i may read the others. it lost some of its intensity to me, though, since the characters were all children and the climax happens when they are 10-13, so as an 8th grader i think i felt their emotions much more deeply. i recommend it for non-sci fi-y people (like myself). at book club the people who regularly read science fiction seemed dubious of how “real” these characters were. *insert long skeptical pause from me here*

good in bed – jennifer weiners: i’mgoing to admit this was a bit of junk food reading on my part, being as a busy month was drawing to a close and i only had 2 books read and knew i could knock this one out in couple days. it was very ophrah book clubby and i don’t mean that in a bad way. an overweight journalist has a bad break-up but then falls upon some good luck before coming upon some bad luck and her trials and tribulations bring her to a new place in life and she meets some great people along the way. you know, one of those books. but it was fun and there were funny and heartfelt parts.

coming up in march: fool by christopher moore and i don’t know what else, seeing as i finally have bookshelves and will be unpacking my books. including a box of entirely unread ones.

also, i recently found 1st and 2nd editions of raymond peynet’s books of his lovers’ illustrations. they should be arriving from the UK in the next couple of weeks here. i cannot wait to have them. his illustrations are so lovely and whimsical. perfect for spring.


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