photo by barb

for christmas, scott gave some biscuit mix from north carolina. since i gained about 3 pounds eating biscuits while visiting him, i was pretty hesitant to make them – fearing a total biscuit binge. instead i found a recipe for quiche that used biscuit mix to make the crust. perfect. and delicious. originally found from eat better america, but i made all sorts of little random changes so here is MY recipe.

1 1/2 C biscuit mix
3 eggs
1 C (or so) spinach, chopped
1 C (or so) cheddar, shredded (i used sharp)
1 1/4 C milk (i used skim)
2 T oil (veg, canola, etc)
1/4 C boiling water
1/4 t salt
1/2 t ground mustard

mix biscuit mix, oil and boiling water until soft dough forms (add more water if needed), press (all the way up the sides) into a greased 9″ pie pan

sprinkle about half of the cheese on the crust, add spinach and top off with the rest of the cheese

whisk together eggs, milk, salt, mustard until blended, pour into pie pan over spinach and cheese

cover edges with tin foil (prevents too much browning) and bake at 400 for 35-40 minutes, until center is set

eat with a sprinkle of hot sauce over the top for optimal pleasure 🙂


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